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Return To Blackcloth stands on its own, and you’re going to love it, but if you want to see how it all began, check out Son Of The Age.

Abandoned by his father and forced to grow up fast, young Son makes the brave decision to trek across the land of Aun to be reunited with his mother. As he travels, he finds the road to be a perilous place as he stands against heartless bandits, defends a helpless orphan girl, and encounters the mysterious man from the north, a fearsome warrior running from a violent past. When what little he has is taken from him, he must stand up and fight for himself or never return home. It’s do or die in this powerful coming of age fantasy tale.

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Here’s what readers are saying!

★★★★★ Profoundly moving and powerful!

★★★★★ I didn’t want it to end!

★★★★★ This book was captivating. I’m going to read it again, this time with my kids, as the ethics and hope weaved into the adventure are the substance every good father tries to impart in his kids.

★★★★★ Reminds me of some of C.S. Lewis’ shorter works along with a good helping of classic fairy tales.

★★★★★ Wonderful story of a boy coming of age.

★★★★★ Kept me wanting to turn the page to see what was coming next.

★★★★★ If you only purchase one book, let this be the one!

★★★★★ Son of the Age is your story and mine.

★★★★★ Wonderful story filled with curiosity, excitement & adventure. Lee has done a masterful job at character development & creating a world full of depth & intrigue!

★★★★★ Read it yourself & read it to your kids!

★★★★★ Great story, surprises with every turned page.